Mainboard (PCB):

Single Color LED: (Relates to basic controller state)
1. BLUE: SD Card IN
2. RED: Nozzle heater ON
3. Green: Power 5V on
4. Yellow: Power 12V on

RGB LED : (Relates to Hotend/Nozzle heating)
1. WHITE: 0 (No nozzle sensor connected)
2. CYAN: Temp between 0-40 Degrees
3. RED: Temp between 40-max (target temp).
4. Blinking : wait to reach target heating
5. Purple: Laser Mode

BEEP: (Relates to SD card reading)
1. Beep once : Card inserted and read successfully (beep)
2. Beep twice : Pcode file autoprint started (beep beep)
3. Beep thrice : Gcode file autoprint started (beep beep beep)
4. Beep double thrice : Pcode file is invalid or incompleted (beep beep beep -- beep beep beep)

Heated Bed (HBP): (Bottom of heat bed)

1. Green : HBP connected and Powered on
2. Red Blink : Heating state
3. Yellow-Orange-Red light up: Temperature rising up indicator