Welcome to the Kodama family.

To help you get started quickly, please check out our video tutorials:


Our second suggestion is that you check out our community's beginner's guide: From Trinus users for Trinus users:


For individual questions to the community, please visit our Forum:

The whole Forum will provide many helpful information as it is a collection of problems that users are facing, and the solutions that users are providing.  Our community is encouraged to help each other.

Our Proven Solutions section (which the above link goes to) has a compilation of the most common problems or questions with known answers.  We suggest you skim through this section as it may possibly answer most of your questions. Concentrate first on reading about solutions that directly relate to your immediate questions.  The others can wait for later.

The topics in Proven Solutions are very dynamic.  Sometimes, when we find a solution to your problem, we post the solution in here even before we answer your support ticket.  The reason for this is we want to prevent others from experiencing similar problems since we already know about the problem and solution.  So you might come across the solution to your problem already posted in the Forum even before we respond to you one-on-one.

We have a Trinus users only closed group in Facebook, called Trinus Creatives.  Here, the users socialize, exchange ideas, present problems and share solutions and creations.  This FB group can be seen at:

But after you visit, you will have to request to be admitted to the group.  Our administrators of the group will approve your request after checking out your name against the list of registered owners of Trinus.


We have also very recently opened our on-line stores

at kodama3d.com -> Store
So if you're in need of supplies and parts, this is the place to go.

I hope the above will provide you with a way to get started to enjoy your Trinus.  Thank you for your support, understanding and patience.

Thank you.

Kodama Technical Support

New tech support requests should be made via the ticketing system/contact form (or in emergency cases directed to support@kodama3d.com )

Thank you very much.