Stopping at random locations can be caused by one or more things:

1) split second, temporary disconnection of thermistor circuit -- usually at the plug/socket side of the circuit, sometimes due to metal fatigue of the wires themselves (but metal fatigue would happen only for old machines). A good fix to plug intermittent disconnection to try is ever so slightly bend the socket pins (not so much or the plug won't go in, and do it only when the board is completely powered down -- unplugged USB cable as well as unplugged PSU barrel plug).

Note that there are two thermistors in the machine... one located at the heat block and plugged in to the PCB via a small blue plug (with two white wires). The other is at the heated bed plate and plugged in to the PCB via the HBP cable. Plugs and sockets really don't like constant moving and nudging which cause intermittent, split second disconnection. But with 3d printers, even a split second disconnection will cause the printer to stop and turn off the heaters instantly (an anti-fire feature of all 3d printers, and thus a common problem with all 3d printers). This sort of trouble is difficult to troubleshoot because everything may look okay when the printer is stopped, but fails sometime during a print run.

3d printer wire harness and plug/sockets are under engineered due to cost cutting to keep the price down... compared example to a studio microphone which only has 2 wires but very sophisticated, over-engineered connectors. With studios, a failed microphone can cost the studio millions of dollars so over engineering studio microphones is the norm. But when you look at all the electrical appliances in the home, nearly most electrical troubles are at the plug/socket and wires. It's not obvious, but true.

2) Incompatibility of Simplify3d version 4 --  Use of Simplify3d version 4 as slicer. Apparently, the scripts injected by S3D version 4 and Paladin firmware don't like each other. Use the "Trinus Rocks" profile in the "file" section in this FB group.

3) The power supply unit barrel plug is temporarily disconnected due to nudging or moving --- usually by the heated bed cable touching the power supply unit cable. (the HBP cable is constantly moving). Like the thermistor plug/socket, the PSU barrel plug/socket is prone to failure if constantly nudged/moved.

4) Faulty USB Cable --  If you are printing using the USB connection, a sub-standard or faulty USB cable can cause random printing stops.  Try using another USB cable which you know works well for other USB devices.